web stuff

I used to make websites and web apps for a living! I began doing it for fun when I was 12 years old with a Geocities and Angelfire account; then graduated into buying my own domain names and doing my own graphics and code.

I began doing freelance web development when I was a teenager, and got a job making webapps after college. This was back in the late aughts, when web design hadn’t really become solidified as a discipline, and I could do fun things like graphics and UX under the title of “software engineer”.

I don’t really make websites any more, since making games is more fun. I barely have time to keep this one up to date. I do some freelance consulting, but mostly for old clients.

If you want to hire me for a web design project or short term consulting, feel free to reach out for a quote! I am pretty busy right now but am happy to look into things.