Curious about the tools I work with? They’re listed here. This was inspired by

Programming Languages

I’ve written code in Ocaml, ML, and Assembly in school, but not since then. :)


I use Emacs for programming, creative writing, and technical writing! I am pretty comfortable with it, though there’s still plenty I have left to learn.

I prefer to use free software for multimedia; though I got started with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign and still am probably more efficient in those. For graphics, I use Krita for 2D (falling back to GIMP when needed), and Blender for 3D. I use Audacity for sound editing and ffmpeg for video editing.


I use a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium for drawing and painting. I have a Lenovo Legion Y-720 for game development, plus an ancient ThinkPad and MacBook Pro for testing and dealing with Mac gatekeeping. I have a digital piano and microphone for sound.

GNU/Linux Distribution

I use Ubuntu Studio (with KDE Plasma). Recommend for designers/creatives.


I have an iPhone 6. Before that I had an iPhone 3. Both were gifts. I rarely use them. I’ve been curious about getting a Fairphone for a while, but it’ll be a while before my current phone dies.

Game Engines

I’m most familiar with Unity for graphics and physics, though I’m quite fond of Godot. I’ve used Unreal somewhat but don’t much care for it.

Interactive Fiction

I’ve used Inform (6 and 7), Twine, TADS, and Ink. Ink is BY FAR my favorite format for branching narratives; it’s elegant and readable by humans and computers.