What I'm Doing Now

I’m in Berlin right now, visiting with a friend and preparing for a semi-permanent move to New York in August. We are planning on going to Munich next week to do touristy things, and as a longtime adventure game and Gabriel Knight fangirl I’m quite excited.

I moved back to Florida following a serious car accident in 2015 where I needed no fewer than three rounds of spine surgery to recover. During this time, there were plenty of setbacks, plenty of periods of time where I was bedridden and in a lot of pain. I had no clear sense of whether I’d ever be able to recover, go back to work, or have a normal life.

I recovered from my final round of back surgery in 2019, and was preparing to move back up north, but then COVID hit, derailing plans quite a bit. I ended up trapped in Florida, where I was socially and emotionally isolated, and dependent on other people for transportation. While this did give me opportunities to come to terms with my past and a great deal of my demons, it wasn’t good for me in the long run. I’ve been dealing with a significant amount of depression in the last few years and limited options to deal with it. I’m finally started to feel like myself, but it’s been a long journey.

Work-wise, I’m doing consulting for Scott Adams (the adventure game designer, not the cartoonist!), on an iOS game that will come out later this year! This will be my first mobile game and second commercial project, after Hero-U shipped in 2018!

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Last updated on July 12, 2022