Here are some narrative-driven games I've worked on:

  • Summer Daze at Hero-U

    Summer Daze at Hero-U is a light-hearted interactive tale of friendship, fun, and folly. You are trying to save the upcoming Harvest Festival at Hero University from imminent disaster. Play as the Wizard Ifeyo or the Rogue Tilly Applebaum to save the day... or make it even worse!

    • Release Date: TBD
    • Platform: Linux, Mac, PC, iOS, Android
    • Official Website: here
  • Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption

    Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is an fantasy roleplaying game telling the story of Shawn O'Connor, a would-be thief who gets sent to reform school at the Hero University in order to become a rogue. Development by Transolar Games was funded on Kickstarter and the game was released in July 2018.

    • Release Date: July 2018
    • Platform: Linux, Mac, PC, iOS, Android
    • Official Website: here
  • The Owl Consults

    Once you've established yourself as the ruler of the crime world (and, eventually, the literal world), the only challenge left is helping out the next generation of supervillains---for a suitable fee, of course. A text adventure written with Thomas Mack and Nick Mathewson for IFComp 2017.

    • Release Date: October 2017
    • Platform: Zoom
    • Download: here
  • City of Mind: Leavetaking

    City of Mind is a psychological fantasy game about parental estrangement, immigration, loyalty, and intrigue. 15 years ago, Saren’s father vanished. Now, he’s dead, and it’s up to Saren to unravel his legacy.

    • Release Date: July 2013
    • Platform: Web
    • Play the demo: here