About Me

My name is Cidney. I've been a software engineer, graphic designer, and various other roles as needed. I'm a queer vegan Millennial snowflake. I live in the Eastern US with my wife and our housemate and cat.

About This Site

This is my realname domain! I’ve registered it so that other people can’t pretend to be me, and that it’s easy to contact me. :) It’s a very simple static site without much real content, though lately I’ve been starting to blog about stuff and keep general information up to date.

I try to redesign it once a year just for fun. For the end of 2021, I’m seeing if I can get away with getting rid of CSS altogether, so I don’t have to worry about styling. :)


I don’t use corporate social media. It makes me more mysterious and less prone to distraction. If you’re on the fediverse, I host my own mastodon instance, where you can follow me at (If you’re not on the fediverse, sign up for an account and follow me anyways; decentralized social media is cool. I host some of my games, including things for gamejams, at, and some of my source code at my personal git forge and github for open source stuff.

Privacy Policy

There are no analytics or cookies on this website. I don’t hold onto anyone’s data. You don’t need to log in or give me any information.

Last Updated

Last updated September 25, 2021.