The year is almost over. This is the first time I’ve had breathing room at the end of the year to reflect and try to plan to do more in 2024.

I moved from Florida to New York temporarily last year, then from New York to Berlin this year. Berlin is better in a lot of ways– cheaper, cleaner air, more vegan friendly– but it’s an enormous adjustment. Much of my time has been occupied with immigrationn and learning a new system; and I’m still figuring things out– see, health insurance.

For years I’ve been trying to scale back on contract work, to make time for independent projects. This has finally been successful. However, I’ve made less progress on these projects than I would like. My main focus has been an adventure game I’m developing as a solo dev, but I’ve made much less progress on that than I’d like. I’m the only developer, so I’m responsible for everything– art, design, writing, sound. I might be able to outsource in the future, but for now, all of the assets in the game are things I’ve made myself.

I’ve gotten more done than I expected on other projects– I finished self-editing a book, shipped a small game, with a friend, and had time to experiment with new tools and workflow. I’ve written more blog posts this year than ever before, an intention I’d set and failed to keep years ago. Projects I’ve consulted on have gone well. But it hasn’t been as intentional as I’d like– and I’ve wasted a lot of time due to depression and burnout.

No use in self-recrimination over this, though. Onward to a better 2024.