It’s a bit late to announce, but I made a train station! Specifically, I made a video game level based on Alon Levy’s proposed redesign of New York’s Penn Station with artist Emily Compton, who I worked with on Colossal Cave 3D adventure. The end result is very solarpunk– it’s what Penn Station would look like with a more efficient design and development process.

It’s playable here. Alon gave a webinar on it last week that’s been recorded and posted here, with a recap available here. The source code is available here.

I started playing with this in December, in part as an excuse to practice 3D modeling. Then in March Alon’s research group saw it and liked it, and we got a grant to hire Emily and work on something worth showing off. It’s meant to be extendable– in an early version I had a minotaur wandering around downstairs. Maybe a gamejam for railfan? We will see.