I’ve made some updates to my personal website! It now has a much more minimalist theme.

Originally I was going to try to get around to updating the content first, then redoing the CSS. Then I decided that redoing the CSS was going to be more work than necessary, and it might be better to have something that works without any CSS. It’s more usable in lynx, eww, and other text-only browsers this way; and means I’m less committed to a particular design.

The goal right now is to give myself fewer barriers to blogging and updating content. I’ve gotten into the habit of journaling with pen and paper every day, and I’ve resolved to start sharing more things with the rest of the world, but there’s a tremendous amount of mental inertia involved in updating my website. It shouldn’t be hard. My website is a static Jekyll site; this post, and all of the others, are effectively plain text files that I edit in emacs and deploy to my server every time I make a new commit. There shouldn’t be friction. But the fear is paralyzing.

So, minimalism. No CSS, no JavaScript. Since I’m not trying to make a statement with design, I don’t need to look at things on multiple devices before uploading. It’s just text, and text is easy.